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About Us

Away from the maddening crowd, noise and pollution, Kalimpong Village Retreat offers a great way to relax, unwind and enjoy the small pleasures of a slow paced country life.



The Land and the People

Kalimpong is a quiet resort town, ideal for those who cannot stand the altitude of Darjeeling. The ethnic group of Lepchas are supposed to be the original inhabitants of the place and Kalimpong in lepcha means, “ridges where we play”. To the north lies the Deolo hills, the Durpindara hills to the south, while the large market area saddles in the centre which was a thriving trade point and the destination of the mule caravans travelling over the trade route from Tibet to the Road head at Kalimpong. Wool was the principal commodity along with furs and precious stones. Long after the trade with Tibet ceased subsequent to the Indo China war of 1962,Kalimpong Bazar retains its quaint bustling character visible in the people thronging the twice weekly ‘hat’ bazaar. It is an absorbing sight to watch the crowds and identify the mixture of bloodiness in the descendants of Lepchas, Nepalese, Bhutias ,Marwari, British, Chinese, Bengalis and even north Indian classes. A detailed exploration of the inner town and hat bazaar (on Saturday’s in particular) on foot is a fascinating experience. It is a virtual pandoras box of surprises. The residential area is laid out on a gently sloping ridge, still thickly wooded and commanding a magnificent view of the snow ranges.

Kalimpong and Around

A few days exploring the huge arc of mountains astride the Relli valley can be a most rewarding experience. The vast virgin forests, which rise along the wild and uninhabitated Neora valley to the tri-junction with Bhutan and Sikkim, from Lava; have much to offer the visitor interested in a range of flora from the sub-tropical to the near Alpine at 3100 meters. You can explore the sub-tropical forests , walk through the temperate evergreens, and climb upto the rhodendrons coniferous forests, 4000 types of flora are on view. The ‘picture post card ‘ countryside ,old style Lepcha hamlets around Samthar,terraced cultivation of GIT valley and Samthar ,enchanting views from Lolegaon and Jhandi dara make this belt a year round trekkers’ delight.